Spacious Kitchen

Single-line kitchen puts all appliances and cabinets along one wall. It is a compact and effective layout for kitchen space which is limited.

Two-line kitchen gives you a pair of good work and storage stations on apposite walls. It is a compact and effective layout fir when kitchen space is limited. Remember there should be at least 0.8m between the two kitchen lines to allow unrestricted access.

The L-shaped kitchen is a practical layout that creates a traffic free zone. It is the most mommon layout and an ideal option when used in combination with a dining table or a small island in the kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen is the best kitchen layout of all; It has 3 walls for units and appliances uninterrupted by traffic - an efficient and safe arrangement in a compact area. This layout enables you to maximize the space for cooking and storage.

Island kitchen is a larger version of the L- or U-shape with an additional work area in the middle. It provides an extra work-top and storage area.

Substainable Kitchen

Nowadays, people pay attention to social and environmental issuse such as Global warming, Climate Changes and Greenhouse Cases. The concept of sustainable design is considered to be an important issue. The need for more energy-efficient utilities and facility designs is inevitable. Sustainable design, when incorporated into the kitchen, triggers both high performance and other advantages in oder to keep energy consumption to a minimum. It includes putting "green design strategies" into standard design criteria. Let's get Green in the Kitchen.

Healthy Kitchen

Light / Sunlight

Natural sunlight is very helpful in killing germs, it also saves electricity use and is, thus, cost effective. So we should consider the number and size of both windows and open spaces in the kitchen. Lighting is a perfect replacement for sunlight not only for its functions and uses but because it intensifies the beauty of your kitchen.

Air circulation

There should be enough windows to allow better air circulation in order to remove odor as well as smoke. Fresh air always means everything!

Kitchen hygiene

Kitchen hygiene is important to maintain a healthy kitchen. We need to develop cleaning habits. Clean your kitchen after finishing the cooking and throw out the garbage on a dally basis.